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***WORK IN PROGRESS***                ***CHECK OFTEN FOR UPDATES***​

The links and files on this website are resources for Dual and Bilingual Teachers.  At this point in time, BUFS have not been vetted by the district.  Some of the BUFS and resources will appear incomplete and may need more work and alignment to standards.  Once BUFS are vetted, they will be resaved for teachers to have access to.  

Folder: 1_Home Page
12/11/2014 8:37 AMBrent Sharp
Folder: 1st Grade
1/22/2015 9:30 AMAlyssa St. Hilaire
Folder: 2nd Grade
1/22/2015 9:31 AMAlyssa St. Hilaire
Folder: 3rd Grade
1/22/2015 9:31 AMAlyssa St. Hilaire
Folder: 4th Grade
1/22/2015 9:31 AMAlyssa St. Hilaire
Folder: 5th Grade
1/22/2015 9:32 AMAlyssa St. Hilaire
Folder: 6th Grade
1/22/2015 9:32 AMAlyssa St. Hilaire
Folder: 7th Grade
1/22/2015 9:32 AMAlyssa St. Hilaire
Folder: 8th Grade
1/22/2015 9:33 AMAlyssa St. Hilaire
Folder: BUF Resources
1/22/2015 10:02 AMAlyssa St. Hilaire
Folder: Consulate Curriculum
7/28/2015 2:20 PMAlyssa St. Hilaire
Folder: Kinder
1/22/2015 9:20 AMBrent Sharp
Folder: Program Review Documents
12/11/2014 8:35 AMBrent Sharp
Folder: Research and Articles
1/22/2015 10:01 AMAlyssa St. Hilaire
Folder: Spanish Literacy Resources
12/11/2014 8:37 AMBrent Sharp
Folder: The Bridge
12/11/2014 8:37 AMBrent Sharp
Folder: Videos
4/22/2016 2:25 PMBlanca Harvey
Folder: WIKI Resources
1/22/2015 10:00 AMAlyssa St. Hilaire
Daily Layout.docx
7/29/2015 10:04 AMBlanca Harvey
Patterns BUF.docx
2/3/2016 8:57 AMBlanca Harvey
Metodos autenicos, el lenguaje pedagogico, videos de las estragedias, el dictado y el puente, bookstudy guides for Teaching for Biliteracy along with teaching resources for dual and bilingual teachers.
Para aprender ortografía, los estudiantes necesitan oportunidades de manipular las características de manera que les permita hacer generalizaciones más allá de la palabra aislada. Es decir aplicar la generalización a grupos de palabras con las mismas características y/o la misma función.
Jeopardy, Patas Contentas, Raton y queso, Loteria, Alinear cuatro, Damas, Ocho loco, Cochinito.
This 90 minute session presents teachers with a clear understanding of authentic Spanish word features, discusses a tool for word study assessment developed for a New Mexico school district, and provides resources to assist teachers in their efforts to implement a Spanish word study program for elementary students.
This 39 minute presentation discusses phonology, othography, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension for Spanish-Speaking students and struggles they may have when learning English.
WIDA's guide to RtI² presents a framework to assist educators in designing and implementing RtI² systems that proactively support the instruction, intervention, and assessment of ELLs. The document specifically addresses seven factors to consider during the solution-seeking process that help explain ELLs' educational experience. It also provides information on how educators can use WIDA tools and resources to better understand ELLs' academic language development, as this will serve as a context for collecting and interpreting the data they use to make instructional and programmatic decisions within an RtI² process.
Graphin organizers that are labeled in Spanish.