Hello Parents!

It is hard to believe the holiday season is already upon us.  It is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate with friends, family, and count our many blessings with special people who touch our lives.  The spirit of giving and of caring about others that extends to our entire community. In our office area is located a "Giving tree".  If you wish to, you can participate by taking home a star home with a specific age of child to give a gift. Students may take home a star if they have parent permission.


Please be sure that your children remember to come to school dressed for the frigid weather that has certainly arrived.  Even though it is late Fall Winter season is in full motion! Recess is an important break during the day for kids and we want to make sure that they are wearing a warm enough coat, gloves, and hats. On the other hand (glove), remind your child to keep track of his/her warm clothing. We have a lot of warm clothes in our lost and found.

The theme for November/December is taken from the letter I in PRIDE… "Initiative". 

We generally think of initiative as recognizing and doing what needs to be done before being asked. And that's true. But initiative is so much more.

Initiative believes in the possibilities of opportunity; it sees opportunity where others see barriers. Initiative taps inner creativity to tackle persistent problems without giving up. Initiative goes the extra mile.


Initiative has nothing to do with skills or education. It's a positive spirit, an awareness, a proactive mindset.


Kids with initiative will take their talents and multiply them, increasing their involvement in life. Such children take action without being asked to and readily capitalize on opportunities that others pass by.


Mastering schoolwork is largely due to initiative. As the years increase, so do the homework and responsibilities—and the need for self-motivation and self-discipline.

Initiative is crucial for succeeding in school. Students who start projects when they're assigned and work diligently are bound to do better than those who procrastinate and wait until the last minute to start working.


Initiative is a trait that will serve our kids well all their lives. In the working world, initiative is often what separates those who get raises and promotions from those who don't. And what our children learn now regarding initiative will likely determine what they pass on to their own kids. Please team together with us in promoting this important school while we celebrate "initiative" at Sunset View.


How can I communicate with my school?

+ Call us at 222-6000

+ Check our school website http://schools.ksd.org/SV/Pages/default.aspx

+ Send us an email! (All emails are linkable from the school website)

+ Stop by!

+ Set an appointment with your child's teacher or the principal

+ Send a note with your child or make a note on your child's homework log or planner

+ Post on the PTO Facebook page at Sunset View Elementary PTO

+ Attend monthly PTO meetings in the library (every 3rd Tuesday of the month 7:00 pm)


Enjoy the holiday season! Best Regards,

Mr. Langdon