There are many ways to stay involved in your child's education.  Consider volunteering in your child's classroom.  If you are able to donate time to your child's classroom, please set up a schedule with your child's teacher and make sure you have volunteer paperwork on file with the Southgate office.  Forms are available in the office and must be filled out yearly.  Forms must be turned in before you can volunteer at Southgate. 

Other ways to stay involved are to join Southgate's PTG  (Parent Teacher Group) or look into being a volunteer for Team Read!

Talk to your child about thier school day each day and check their backpacks for any communications home and ask them what homework they have for the day.  Let your child know how important their schooling is to you.

Open communication and parent involvement are a must.  Please feel free to contact your child's teacher via their e-mail account or by calling the Southgate office at 222-5900 to leave the teacher a message.

Thank You!