Seeds and Roots student blank.pptx
2/2/2015 6:46 AMKen Brager
student Characteristics of Life.pptx
10/31/2014 7:07 AMKen Brager
Student Experimental Design Hands-on.pptx
10/6/2014 7:16 AMKen Brager
Systems in class powerpoint for students.pptx
10/19/2014 7:06 PMKen Brager
Folder: Science Apps 
Folder: 0 Learn to Type with fun websites here 
Folder: 1. Experimental Design 
Folder: 2. Systems 
Folder: 3. Living, Non-living and Thud 
Folder: 11. Dichotomous Key 
Folder: 4. Microscopes 
Folder: 5. Organelles, Cells and Tissue 
Folder: 6. Plants 
Folder: 7. Snails and Cockroaches 
Folder: 8. Human Body Systems 
Folder: 9. Frogs and Dissection 
Folder: 10. Populations and Ecosystems 
Folder: Lunch Bunch Websites 
Folder: Owls 
Folder: Sound and picture file 
Folder: Genetics 
Folder: Technology Club 
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