Mid-Columbia Partnership

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to live in Kennewick to enroll at MCP?

No. MCP serves students within driving range of our program. If you live in a different school district, you may enroll in our program after filing a District Transfer Request with your home school district.

Is there a fee charged for enrolling?

No. MCP is sponsored by the Kennewick School District and is free for all families. There may be a nominal charge for field trips, community classes or for classes requiring out-of-the-ordinary supplies.

Can I enroll at any time?

Yes. Our program is open for enrollment at any time for next year. Enrollment is open for the current school year through the end of May. On-site classes may be unavailable, but consulting is provided.

Are parents required to work or volunteer at the program?

No. We do not require volunteer time from our parents. However, we welcome and encourage parents to be involved with all aspects of our program. We love to have family members visit classes, volunteer in classes, and participate in our Helping Hands Committee.

Is my student required to take the MSP or other testing?

All students enrolled for 80% or more at for one or more months during the school year are required to take the MSP. Students enrolled less than 80% for every month of the school year are not required to take the MSP. All students will take Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) testing each Spring and Fall.

Do you offer On-line Classes?

MCP is the local provider of the K12 program for grades K-12. To find out more about K12, please contact Carrie DeForest at carrie.deforest@ksd.org .  Also, Apex courses are an option for the 9th -12th grades.  For information about Apex courses contact DJ Traver at DJ.traver@ksd.org.

If you'd like more information about MCP, please call our office at 222-5036 or send an e-mail to dianna.veleke@ksd.org or Carrie.DeForest@ksd.org.