Your part of the partnership…

  1. Read through the web-site to determine if MCP is a good fit for your family.
  2. Attend New Family Orientation.  See calendar for dates and times.  Please call the MCP office at 222-5036 to sign up for a meeting. 
  3. Complete the Steps For Enrollment and submit all the paperwork.        
  4. Choose/Order materials for your child.        
  5. Attend Basic I Training.          
  6. Modify & Complete a learning plan for your child.         
  7. Choose on-site classes for your child.          
  8. Attend Basic II Training.
  9. Follow the plans and time-line outlined in your child's Written Student Learning Plan.
  10. Complete and submit monthly reviews by the 20th of each month

    The monthly review's purpose is to assess progress according to the goals and time-line outlined in the learning plan for the previous 30 days.   Completing Monthly Reviews on Wings for each student is a requirement to be enrolled at MCP.  MCP must abide by all the state requirements, including monthly reviews, to operate a Parent Partnership.  Reviews are due by the 20th of the month:  9/20, 10/20, 11/20, 12/20, 1/20, 2/20, 3/20, 4/20, 5/20, and 6/6. 
  11. Attend the Monthly meetings each month with your child.
  12. Meet the State Required Instructional Hours

 Instructional Hours

Parents assume responsibility for their child's off-site instructional time and are required to meet the indicated number of hours per week according to the Washington State Laws.  The required times listed below are the combined hours of off-site and on-site instructional time per week according to the Washington State Law.

Kindergarten       10 hours

Grades 1-3          20 hours

Grades 4-8          25 hours

Grades 9-12        25 hours


Our part of the partnership…

We make decisions based on the belief that MCP's goal is to empower and support you to be your child's best teacher.

We exist to provide support, guidance, and enrichment opportunities that will enhance and encourage each child's educational journey.

We are here to partner with parents and offer support, knowledge, feedback and guidance.  We also provide our State's required consultations with both the child and parent. We encourage each parent's active participation, and allow both parents and students a voice in the program's development.

We also recognize that in order to run our program successfully we need the input, respect, and cooperation of students, parents, teachers, and administrators, as well as any other staff or community members who may participate.


A MCP teacher/consultant meets with enrolled students/families to provide the following services: 

¨ Discuss curriculum and goals

¨ Develop/modify the Written Student Learning Plan

¨ Guide parents when choosing materials.

¨ Assist parents in assessing student progress

¨ Offer encouragement, wisdom (however humble), and insight from their own teaching experiences.

We recognize the teacher/consultant as a person of many roles including advisor, supporter, observer, learner, and facilitator.  Teacher/consultants have the unique opportunity to guide and support our families and are always expected to act in the family's best interest. 

MCP assumes responsibility for the Written Student Learning Plan and ensuring that progress is being made toward goals. 

Click here to read the MCP handbook.