"We have enjoyed the privilege and responsibility of educating our own children and have appreciated a quality resource that supported our efforts. Thanks very much!"



One of the things that makes MCP a great school is their "Outside the Box" thinking.  They have partnered with me to provide an excellent education tailored to my son's needs and abilities.  I also appreciate MCP's community partners.  I couldn't ask for more!



I feel MCP offers the best of both worlds.  My kids get to go to school, make friends, be in school programs, have recess, pack a lunch, yet they are still home-schooled!  What a blessing!!!  There is one other great thing about MCP, and it's the families involved.  They are wonderful people who really care about their children.  Our children really are a blessing.

                                                                             ...Amy C.


I know if it weren't for MCP I could never have gotten through the last month!  The resources that were made available to me and how helpful the other parents have been were the key in our family's decision to homeschool.  My daughter loves coming to MCP just as much as I do.  Thank you again!


                                                                             ...Emily H.


"MCP has been a great program for my family. My oldest son was in KOG and we needed a place that would challenge my second son since our local school was not able to do so. At that time he was too young for KOG. I thought MCP would be the 1 year "band aid" in my son's education. As it turned out, he LOVED MCP and wanted to stay. We are in our 3rd year at MCP now and my oldest became interested in leaving KOG for MCP as well. MCP has provided us with the support to challenge my children on their level and not have to be paced with a large classroom of varied students. It is because of MCP and the opportunity it gives my children they are scoring in 99th percentile or better."

                                                                            ...Karen G.


For our family MCP allows us to have the best of both worlds.  The children get the opportunity to be in a classroom environment and experience "real" school classes.  The teachers at MCP care deeply for each student and work hard for their success.  The classes are an exciting place to learn.  We feel it is a true partnership in our children's education.  We are so thankful for the support we get from MCP.  They give us the confidence and the necessary tools we need to give our kids the quality education we are pursuing.  We are very impressed with the high school classes and teachers.  The small class size has allowed our son to grow and learn in a comfortable environment where he feels the teachers are really interested in seeing him succeed.  We have personally experienced several of the teachers going above and beyond to help our son.  The quality of high school education our son is receiving at MCP has far exceeded our expectations.