Forms to Complete for Enrollment

  1. Kennewick School District Enrollment Form - This form contains parent and student information such as addresses, phone numbers, emergency contacts, grade, birth date, etc.
  2. Student Health History Form - Brief history of health.
  3. Certificate of Immunization Status - A current record of the shots the student has had to date.  If you do not immunize, you must fill out the exemption form and have a health care provider co-sign. Students will not be allowed to attend classes until the form is complete.
  4. Birth Certificate - a copy of his/her birth certificate is needed.
  5. Records Request - If your child has previously attended a school in Kennewick School District, this form allows the child's records to be transferred to MCP.
  6. Out-of-District Transfer Request - If you do not live within the Kennewick School District or another school district, you must obtain this form from your local school district and it must be received by MCP or KSD prior to enrollment.
  7. Handbook Agreement – Parents and students will also sign the "Handbook Agreement" declaring that they have read the information included in this booklet and agree to the requirements of the program. A sample is included at the back of this booklet.
  8. MCP Disclosure Statement - Parents will read and sign a MCP Disclosure Statement outlining the differences in Washington State law between Home-based students and those enrolled in MCP which is an Alternative Learning Experience and a public school program.        
  9. Kennewick School District Volunteer Application 

   10.  Emergency Form

   11.  Declaration of Intent to Provide Homebase Education if the child is part-time.

   12.  Media Denial Form

   13.   Home Language Survey

   14.   Computer Use Agreement