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Good Games for Beginners

Keyboard Climber ..... And now, there is Keyboard Climber 2

Up Beat Typing (Guitar Hero Typing Game Style)

Pac Man Keyboarding Game

HomeKey Kennys

Typing Factory Home Keys

Sunrise Typing - Favors accuracy over speed


Games with Multiple Levels

Dance Mat Typing

Key Master II


Competitive Games

Type Racer - Login with guest account (Use First Name Only!)

___ 301 Racetrack #1 | #2 |

Olympic Race, Car Race, Kayak keyboarding, etc.

Test Track: Nitro Type

Key Racer

Horse Race Typing

Typing Speed Test 

Alphabet Race



NEW: Rapid Typing Keyboarding Games

Txt Free Typing Resources + Many More Games (Thanks to Mrs. Thompson's Class)

*Fun Typing Games for Kids* (Not Blocked by KSD Internet)
- Includes NINJA GAME + 19 Other Games!!!


Type or Die (AntiSmoking Simulation Game)

Dino Type

Typing Chef Game

Many, Many "Typing Games Free"

Baracuda Typing Game

Cup Stacking Keyboard Game

Assault Typing | Super Typing | Sunrise Typing | Fast Typer | Type for your Life |

Krazy Keyz - Alphabet Race + Many more Typing Games

QWERTY Warriors + QWERTY Warriors II 



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    GLENCO Keyboarding
    ELearning for Kids - Keyboard Course

    Addtional Internet Typing Resources
    (Click on the Bold Type)

  1. (6) Free Typing Games + Free Typing Lessons + Free Typing Tests
  2. Easy Typing Games from Aunt Lee (NEW)- Each picture is a link to an easy typing game, but there are no annotations on what to expect at the site where the link takes you.
  3. Harder Typing Games from Aunt Lee (NEW)- Just like the game list above, each picture is a link to an easy typing game, but there are no annotations on what to expect at the site where the link takes you.
  4. Test Your Typing On-line - Now you can test your typing skills quickly and easily within your web browser with TypingMaster's On.line Typing Test. Based on the short text typing sample given during the test, this Java(TM) applet will estimate your typing skills including typing speed, accuracy and net speed. You can also receive test results directly to your Email address.
  5. Type Online - a free online touch typing course in five lessons
  6. Dance Mat Typing - Fun way to learn to type by BBC
  7. Typing Reference- Fingering- Color coded keyboard
  8. TypingPal - A good starting point for beginning typists. Many free lessons are available. Download the demo.
  9. Typing - Learn2Type - lessons and quizzes
  10. Typing with Al Bunny - Test online, or download this typing game.
  11. Typing - Cool Breeze Typing Test
  12. TypeMe - typing game
  13. Typing Game- Letters - Type the letters as they fly in.
  14. Typing - Java Script Keyboard Typing
  15. Typing - Computer circus Webquest on learning to type
  16. Typing - practice online; links for free online typing sites.
  17. Typing - Nimble Fingers
  18. Typing - Bubbles - type the letters before the bubbles pop
  19. Typing Test - Select your skill and start typing!
  20. Typing - by Project-design - game design
  21. Typing Tutor - practice keyboarding skills
  22. Typing - Keyboard Exercises - exercises for beginning typists (click on "keyboard exercises and TEKS objectives")
  23. Typing Practice - online free keyboarding practice
  24. Krazy Keyboarding for Kids - Practice your typing here.
  25. Typing with Katie - For primary students - Level K
  26. Typing with Burton - For primary students - Level 1
  27. Typing with Booker - For primary students - Level 2
  28. Typing with Carmen - For primary students - Level 3
  29. Typing with Dwayne - For primary students - Level 4
  30. Typing with Yasim - For primary students - Level 5