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Welcome to Cascade Elementary School, home of the Cascade Cougars. We are the home to around 560 students in kindergarten through fifth grade.


The Kennewick School District has set the expectation that at least 90% of all third graders will read at or above grade level. For the past 13 years over 95% of our students have met the district grade-level reading standard, and last spring 93% of our third graders read at or above the 50th percentile. Kids love to read at Cascade!!


We are also continue to be one of a small handful of schools who have made the Kennewick School District's 90% math standard. We managed to achieve the goal in 5th grade with 90% of our students reaching that standard.  All of the other grades, 1st through 4th, were all very close in the mid/high 80's (1st:  84%; 2nd: 88%; 3rd: 87%; 4th: 88%).  Our focus at Cascade is for all of our students to know their basic math facts through division by the time that they leave for middle school. We have established the "Awesome Adders" at the 1st grade, the "Super Subtractors" at 2nd grade, and the "Multiplication Masters" at 3rd grade. Students quickly find out that if they can multiply that they can divide, so they quickly become "Math All-Stars".


At Cascade, we are extremely proud of our students', their academic accomplishments, and our ongoing pursuit of academic excellence. We truly have something to celebrate on a daily basis at Cascade.


Cascade Elementary has an involved, supportive, and very energetic parent community. We are fortunate to have an outstanding partnership between our parents and teachers who want our students to achieve at the highest levels possible. Together we truly make a difference for our students!


As the principal of Cascade Elementary, I strongly encourage you to get involved in all of the great things that are going on at our fantastic school. We'd love to see you in the building. Kids enjoy having their parents come in to volunteer or even just to stop by for lunch occasionally. Feel free to stop by Cougar Country anytime. We're open 180 days during the school year!