​Book Fair

A big thank you to all of the parents that helped at Book Fair.  We would not be able to have the Book Fair without your help!!  It is wonderful to have the assistance of so many parents that are a great help!  Thank you!!  We are able to purchase over $1000 worth of books for the library with the money that was made—WOW!   This will help replenish our lacking non-fiction section.  Thank you!!



The current collection in the library is "Famous Historical Person".  Students are welcome to draw or print off a picture of their favorite person in history if they would like to share it with us in the library.  Starting in December we will also have a collection of photos/drawing with a snow theme.  Please have your child participate in this collection.  What do they like doing when it snows?  The more drawings/photos we get the more interesting and fun it is.


Library student challenges continue:

Students have been challenged to read, read, read. 4th & 5th graders who read two Sasquatch nominee or two Young Reader's nominee books (3rd graders may participate in the Sasquatch nominee also) and pass the AR test will be invited to an ice cream sundae party before spring vacation.  There is also a Dewey Decimal Challenge going on.  Students who have accepted this Challenge are making their way through the 10 sections of the Dewey Decimal system (which is the non-fiction section of the library).  Those who complete this Challenge will be invited to a pizza party after spring vacation.  A second poster had to be put up since so many students have accepted this Challenge!!  Way to go Amistad students!!


Rewards given to help get library books turned in:

Returning library books has been a problem every year.  Thousands of dollars of books are missing from the library because of students losing or damaging books.  Your help in solving this problem is greatly appreciated.  Two things that we are doing to help encourage books to come back to the library include:  giving students who return overdue books a special bookmark, and giving classes who have all books returned by the end of the month a special bookmark and candy.  The 1st-3rd grade class and the 4th-5th grade class that has had all books returned the most months will receive an ice cream party at the end of the year.  It is our hope that students who are taking responsibility will be rewarded, as well as more books will return to our library.